The online biochemistry lessons have begun!

Since March 16, 2020, vacations have been announced in all educational institutions of Uzbekistan. A special commission to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection and ensure the sanitary and epidemiological situation in educational institutions, headed by the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Abdullo Aripov, made such a decision on March 15, 2020.

In Uzbekistan, in connection with the difficult epidemiological situation, distance learning for TMA students has begun. Several online lessons have been held today. Conducted online lessons: Professor R. A. Sobirova gave a lecture on the topic “Biochemistry of connective tissue”, associate professor N.Kh. Mukhamedova conducted a practical lesson on the subject of Biochemistry, topic: Biochemistry of connective tissue, for students of 222 groups medical treatment, 205 groups medical and pedagogical faculties. During the online lesson there was a familiarization with the topic, discussion, solution of situational problems. The teacher checked the student notes and gave grades.


An online lesson was conducted using the ZOOM program. Link to download the program:

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