Department of Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Organized in 1920 at the Faculty of Medicine of the State University of Turkestan. Department was headed by Professor AN Adowa, AS Volyn, KH Hajiyev, AA Abrar.
Since 2002 the department headed by Professor RA Sabirov.
Department of Biochemistry was first created in 1924 as part of the Medical Faculty of the Turkestan State University. The staff of the department consisted of one prepadavatelya, laboratory technicians and cleaners. Until 1926 there was no head.
From 1926 to 1982 he headed the Department of Biochemistry privat former Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry, University of Munich Engelyand Genrikhovich Rudolph (1936-1937). He is the first organizer of the Department of Biochemistry; brought from Munich private laboratory, instruments, reagents, library. The main scientific direction Engelyanda RG was to study the structure of the protein, which he conducted his research under the guidance E.Fishera, Wieland, Gammarstena.
In 1928, for the Department of Biological Chemistry has been allocated an independent body, on the same basis began to develop its activities on the right path, the individual chemical disciplines. The total staff of the department of biological chemistry course is by this time a professor (Head of. The Department), 2 associate professors, 7 assistants, 3 technicians, 2 and 3 preparator cleaners. The main process in the life of the department remained teaching.
From 1932 to 1934 headed the Department Jabbor Sattar (1905-1937), who was sent to the department after the end of the Faculty of Chemistry at Berlin University on the recommendation of Professor RG Engelyanda Its main direction – study of the kinetics of formation of various chemicals. He paid much attention to the translation of textbooks and lectures from German into Uzbek language.
From 1934 to 1935 headed the Department prof. Adowa Anna Nikolaevna (1980-1950).
In 1935, after the completion of the pilot corps (now the building №5 old territory) its second floor was granted chemical departments. In 1939, in connection with the further development of the Institute of General Chemistry with Analytical Chemistry course completely separated from the Department of Biochemistry. On 1 September 1937 from the Department of General Chemistry a Chair of Physical and Colloid Chemistry, headed by PF Obelchenko. Since 1937, the Department of Inorganic Chemistry-time charge of prof. AV Volyn, in 1941-1942 – evacuated from Moscow prof. BM Fromberg, and during 1942-1944 – evacuated from Minsk Associate Professor NM Malenok.
Since 1944, the Department was headed by MA Azizov and at this time the work was to study inorganic, analytical chemistry and fizkolloidnoy.
From 1937 to 1967 he headed the Department of Biological Chemistry, Honored Scientist, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor AS Volyn (1899-1979). During this period, the development of the Department of Biochemistry in collaboration proceeded as in pedagogical and scientific, with courses of physical and colloid and organic chemistry. In 1954, the rate of organic chemistry became an independent department. During this period, paid great attention to the education of the teaching staff, prepared a large group of candidates and doctors not only from the staff of the Department of Biochemistry, along with the Department of great assistance in the implementation of theses clinicians. Under the guidance of prof. Volyn AS The department conducted a study on the differentiation of serum proteins by means of alkali metal salts, research on clean-immune sera and antibodies, developed a method for allocation of electrophoretically homogeneous gamma globulins, were carried out comparative studies of the structural features of non-specific gamma globulins and antitoxins, structure fibriona silk, initiated research on protein synthesis by Tracer and influence of penetrating radiation on the biochemical processes in the body. These works are protected doctoral (KG Joffe, 1956 KH Hajiyev, 1962) and a large number of master’s theses. In 1964-1967 years on the initiative of the Department organized three national conferences on clinical biochemistry. 3 released a compendium of these conferences.
From 1950 to 1960 he headed the Department Associate Professor EH Timbekov. In 1964 M.K.Alyaviya has translated textbook AI Garbuzova, VG Mishin and VK Thiele “qualitative chemical polumikroanaliza” the Uzbek language. In the same year, Assoc. EH Timbekovym and assistant DK Durmanova compiled a guide for students medvuzov “Physical and Colloid Chemistry” in Uzbek.
Since 1966, the department was charged superintendence Associate Professor MK Allawi.
From 1967 to 1988 he headed the Department of Biochemistry, Honored Scientist of the Uzbek SSR, Sc.D., Professor KH Hajj. Scientific works of Professor KH Hadjieva and department staff were devoted to the study of the structure of immunoglobulins and clinical biochemistry. During this period, paid great attention to improving the teaching work, was transferred to a textbook on biological chemistry BI Zbarsky, II Ivanov, SR Mardasheva the Uzbek language.
In 1971, the Department of Inorganic, Physical and Colloid Chemistry was delicious with the Department of Organic Chemistry in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, led by Professor AI Nikolaev. In 1972, the Department of Medical Chemistry was again divided into two separate departments: the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Department of Organic Chemistry and fizkolloidnoy. Department of Inorganic Chemistry in charge Assoc. MK Allawi and organic chemistry and fizkolloidnoy Associate Professor AG Makhsum from 1972 to 1975, and then until 1990.
Since 1975, the Department of Chemistry headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor SS Kasymova. She currently works as a professor of the Department of Bioorganic and Biological Chemistry.
From 1988 to 2002, Department of Biochemistry, headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor AA Abrar. His scientific field devoted to the study of lipid metabolism and lipovitaminov in health and in various pathological conditions.
From 2002 to 2012 the department led by Professor. R.A.Sabirova.
Department of Biochemistry in recent years has become a methodological center, developed and implemented in the clinical practice of some modern methods of biochemical research. Since 2012 the department headed by Associate Professor M.U.Kulmanova. At present, the Department staff conducts basic research on the violations of metabolic processes in various pathological conditions and their correction.
From 2010 to 2012 academic years the department has teamed up with the Department of Biophysics, Medical Informatics and technology. The staff of the Department of Bioorganic and Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Informatics was staffed by experts. The staff of the Department: Professor Head. pulpit, 2 professors, 6 associate professors, 3 senior teachers, 8 assistants, 1 head. study, 1 senior and 2 junior technicians.
Over the entire period of the department staff members have published more than 1,500 works, including 10 monographs, received more than 150 copyright svidelstvo, 6 textbooks. Doing a great job on the training of scientific personnel. Department has trained more than 90 candidates and 18 doctors.
Pupils of the Department of Biochemistry are currently working in the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, in many research institutes and universities.
In the field of teaching and research work and training highly qualified staff of the department shall make every effort to achieve high performance. At the department held training on biological chemistry staff all medical schools of the Republic of Uzbekistan.